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Amount of two’s so I was like okay damn it we’re gonna get there eventually we’re going to get that grappling up eventually and once we get there it’s gonna be a good day how’s that feel uh something with edge what’s going down here what an edge donor oh my god no what how does that feel edge if you don’t stay the hell away from Stacey you better get used to that kind of treatment and if you don’t like it get your ass out to the ring and do something about it yo oh my that was ruthless dude this mains.

Ruthless so I guess we’re gonna have to face edge tonight I had not expect all that honestly you thinking I just going to come out here is gonna be all bandaged up now that would be awesome if edge was like bandaged up and stuff chit’s another hardcore magics edge Toronto edge the rated-r superstar hey I just come creep around the corner with the ATV well edge it was nice knowing you but this is a hardcore with a capital Match this shit’s about to get real crazy let me get let me get a uh let meet it let me get a table let me get arsing Bell let me get all the stuff baby I wish I could get mopping yes I’ll probably.

Be streaming tonight on twitch TV so if you guys aren’t following me up there there’s slink in the description you guys can check that out come ere bye yeah how many tables are in this ring is there tablecloths there’s a championship hey is that the missing warhead me wait championship think we found it boys look at that we found it if you would get off my damn table it’s right here mystery solved come here edge now give me his damn table no not that’s edge that’s not the table Nowhere’s he going white please tell me you can get infinite tables please tell-me there’s not a limit to the tables please Oh Debbie put me through the do your timeout.

Etch I got a check I got test this theory I gotta test this theory about the tables just give me one minute okay what the hell is this oh it’s another championship and slide over there there’s nothing else under there damn it I’ll check leatherette’s nothing over here I guess toucan only have four weapons at one time okay I guess that makes sense all right edge dick get up on that table ma’am elbow drop through the table Dropped you on one leg make you lookalike a clown what here we.