Different Types Of Art Lighting Fixtures


Art lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit many applications. When selecting art lighting fixtures, it’s important to know what is needed for each particular application. The following are art lighting fixtures tips to help you select the best lighting for your needs. Specialty picture lights are most often used to illuminate a work of art that has delicate or faint qualities. These types of light emit subtle undertones of blue, green, gray, white, or yellow that make the appearance of the art pop against the backdrop. Specialty picture lights can be used to illuminate sculptures as well as paintings.

Many people who enjoy fine art use art lighting fixtures to enhance their artwork. A popular place to add picture lights is in a child,s bedroom or playroom. Bright, colorful art pieces tend to catch the attention of many children, even those who do not enjoy being. These types of lighted artwork fixtures make children feel excited and enliven their room while making them appear more grown-up. Another popular use of art lighting fixtures is to decorate the outside of a home or business. One example of this type of fixture is a signo fixture. A signo fixture is typically made from metal and has an open trim design that can complement most decors. Other materials commonly used in the construction of signo fixtures include wood and wrought iron.

The size of the art lighting fixtures being installed will determine the size of the lampshade needed. Typically, a traditional two candle power bulb will need a shade that is approximately six to eight inches in height. Some signs have been known to use a single four-power bulb with a shade that is as large as ten to twelve inches in size. This larger shade is typically used to create a larger focal point or to create a more dramatic effect. One of the most common types of art lighting fixtures is wall art lights. Wall art comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Some wall art features abstract pictures, while others feature nature scenes or bold lettering. Wall art can be found in almost any theme imaginable. Some examples include children,s illustrations, car themes, floral designs, and baseball logos.

Projector art lighting fixtures are becoming increasingly popular as well. A projector light is a floor standing unit that can display a wide array of different artwork. The different types of artwork that can be displayed include acrylic paintings, prints, watercolors, and even photographs. Some people choose to use a projector light in a combination with a wall-mounted lamp for a one of a kind wall art lighting feature. Art ceiling lights are also a great way to add light to a room. The main difference between a ceiling light and a pair of art lighting fixtures is that a ceiling light is not portable. However, if you want a temporary lighting solution during bad weather, a ceiling light is ideal. Track lights on the other hand can be easily moved from room to room.