How To Take The Headache Out Of HEALTH ?

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So we had to change the way that we were dealing with this individual, taking him to the hospital and putting him into emergency protective custody wasn’t the right thing to do, and we had consulted the peer Instapaper sand talked to them about what would be appropriate,and we came to the conclusion that if the behavior warrants it, sometimes jail is appropriate,and so.

This party, we stuck with,and we spoke with, as police officers, as a whole team,three shifts, saying, when we had contact,we’d then be updating each other on what was going on,and based on that, everybody went into that call knowing what happened the last time,and so eventually, the officers knew good enough,when, he was kind of, it was right to talk to him about maybe getting in, and we were able to go out and make contact with him, he accepted service sand was in waiting two weeks.

Maybe, to get in,but didn’t feel like he could safely wait and be sober that long, so we hooked him up with the Kaye House, which is also runny the Mental Health Association, and with their help,he was able to stay sober and get into that,and now he’s drug free, he’s got a job,has taken care of all of his illegal commitments,and is doing well.KNAPP That’s great.And Ashley, I wanna pick up with that story,but first, I wanna remind folks, if you’re just joining us,this is an NET News special, Nebraska Mental Health.

Who’s Responding?I’m Fred Knapp, and with me are Lincoln police Sergeant John Walsh, Ashley Wilkins of the Mental Health Association of Nebraska, Mel McNeil of Great Plains Heal thin North Platte, and state Senator Kate Bole.This program’s also available on our website,net Nebraska Ashley, picking up on the story that Sergeant Walsh.